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When Tree Removal Is Absolutely Necessary

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Due to the ecological significance and natural aesthetic of trees, tree removal is a course of action that should be taken only when a tree cannot be saved. That's why tree care specialists will only recommend cutting down a tree when no other safe and efficient mitigation option is sufficient. 

So, what are some of the common reasons removing a tree may be considered absolutely necessary? Read along to find out.

Creating space for construction activity

As a private property owner, you reserve the right to develop your property whenever you want provided that the proposed development follows the guidelines set out in the local planning council.  

Tree care companies receive many calls from property owners looking to have a large tree removed to pave way for new construction. If the tree sits on a property with existing structures, site plans accurately showing the location of the tree will be required to plan for safe tree removal. 

Removing a diseased tree

If you're like many property owners, you don't really think about trees catching disease but sometimes, the signs of an ailing tree are too obvious to ignore. Anything from premature leaf discolouration and defoliation to decaying branches and cracks in the bark of the tree signal to a sick tree. 

If you see the signs of a diseased tree, you may need to remove it to stop the disease from spreading and affecting the healthy trees growing around it. It makes sense to sacrifice one bad tree to save many healthy ones.

Removing a hazardous tree

If you have a tall tree that is growing too close to overhead power lines or has suffered major damage during a recent storm, it may be best to cut it down to eliminate potential safety hazards around your property. This will help keep your family and neighbours safe.

Promoting the healthy growth of low-growing vegetation

A tall tree can affect the healthy growth of low-growing vegetation by creating a canopy that prevents sunlight from reaching the plants growing at ground level. If this problem cannot be rectified by other means such as pruning, tree removal may be the best course of action.

Although felling a tree should always be a last resort for private property owners, it is sometimes an inevitable part of property ownership. If you need professional assistance with tree removal, feel free to contact the professionals at a tree care company near you.