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Handy Tips When Hiring a Tree Removal Expert

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Contrary to popular belief that tree removal is an easy-to-do, DIY job, removing a tree from your home's landscape is a highly technical undertaking that should address the health and aesthetics of the landscape. As such, proper tree removal is never just about felling; it is the meticulous process of cutting down a tree and taking it away in a manner that leaves your residential landscape in good shape. Here are some crucial things that you need to look out for when you are hiring a tree removal company.

Alternative options offered

In most cases, when homeowners opt to employ the services of a tree removal specialist, they often have one goal in mind; to fell the tree. When you approach a specialist, this should not always be the case. A good tree removal company should not agree with you on anything as regards removal of the tree until they have visited your home and assessed the condition of the tree themselves. Usually, it should not cost you anything to have a team of tree removal experts come to your home, unless there are some logistical challenges involved in getting to your residence, e.g. due to long geographical distance.

During the pre-visit, the experts will take the opportunity to determine the most appropriate tools, equipment and techniques that can be used to remove the tree from your landscape or see if there is a viable alternative to tree removal, which will help extend the life of your beloved tree. If your tree requires supplemental support, for instance, then cabling and bracing can be done to boost the structural integrity of your tree.


The way a tree removal business charges for its services varies based on a number of different factors. The pricing offered by some businesses are based on per-hour rates, while others charge depending on tree height. Some businesses will charge extra for travel, especially if your place is located far away from their offices; therefore, ensure you enquire about that too. Always find out what the amount of money you are asked to pay covers.

Some companies will topple your tree, cut its trunk into smaller, manageable chunks that are easier to haul away from your landscape, and take it away themselves. Others will abandon the trunk where it lies after it is felled, and you'll be forced to get rid of it by yourself. In some cases, a company may agree to do extra work but ask that you pay more for it. Know exactly what you are paying for before signing any contract with a tree removal company.

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