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Why You Should Remove a Tree Stump

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If you recently cut down a tree in your backyard, you now need to decide if you should remove the remaining stump. While this decision is often based on appearance, there are also some other reasons to consider pulling out the stump.

You Want to Plant More

This is one of the more common reasons to remove a tree stump. Stumps can get in the way when you want to plant a new tree or put a garden in your yard. Also consider the fact that, with a tree stump in the ground, it can actually deter neighboring trees and plants from flourishing. If you want to have new trees and flower bushes in your yard, it is best to make room by getting rid of the tree stumps first. Luckily, there are multiple ways to remove them, from using chemicals to using equipment for removing the stumps.

They Can Damage Foundations

If the tree stump is close to a driveway, sidewalk, or other foundation, you should remove it. It may not seem like trouble now, but the roots will start to expand if sprouts continue to grow from the stump. This expansion can ultimately lead to cracked sideways and paved surfaces that suffer some structural damage. While the roots may not crack plumbing and sewer pipes, a broken pipe due to another cause can lead to faster expansion of the tree roots. It is best that you have the tree stump removed after cutting down the tree.

You Have Small Children

Having stumps in the backyard where your young children are playing can be a safety hazard. Stumps that are lower to the ground can be partially hidden by grass and vegetation, so they may trip over it. The last thing you want to do is take your child to the emergency room for a broken arm due to a stump that could have been removed. When the stumps are larger, your children might think they are fun to climb up, and they could either scrape their feet and legs on the scratched edges or fall off the stump when jumping down. It is best to avoid all of these risks and just remove the stumps.

Your Yard May Have More Pest Problems

If you have a tree stump and an increasingly big pest problem, that stump might be the culprit. When the stump doesn't have a live tree attached to it, it can start to decay and get diseased. This will attract a variety of different pests, such as ants and beetles. When the stump is still alive, it can also attract termites, which may also travel along your yard and burrow into your wood deck or home's foundation.

For more information and advice, contact a tree and stump removal service, such as Heritage Tree Care.