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Avoid These Mistakes When Removing Trees in Your Yard

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Is there a tree you would like to remove from your yard? DIY tree removal will only be successful if you follow the right procedures and make the correct cuts. You don't want to cause damages or accidents when removing a tree from your yard. Mistakes made during the tree removal often cause these damages. For this reason, here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid to ensure proper tree removal.

Using the Chainsaw Improperly

Improper operation of the chainsaw can lead to serious injuries. One of the main concerns chainsaw operation is being prepared for a kickback. When you turn on your chainsaw, the blades will spin freely, but when the saw touches the tree, the change in friction will make the saw kick back naturally. If you are not careful, the force of the kickback can make the saw move backward toward you, posing serious risks of injury. Therefore, be prepared for this kickback by holding on firmly to the saw with both hands. In addition, make sure the area around you is free from things that may make you stumble or trip.

Remember to engage the brake any time you are not cutting so that you don't operate with a spinning saw chain, and reduce the chances of cutting yourself or others around you.

Cutting the Tree in the Wrong Direction

Cutting the tree in the wrong direction means that the tree will fall in the wrong direction as well, and this can pose serious injury risks and damage to property. Typically, a tree will fall in the opposite direction to the point where you make the cut or hinge. Therefore, you need to be strategic when choosing the spot to make the cut.

Bad Stump-Removal Techniques

Stump removal can be challenging because of the complexity of the root systems of most trees. Using ineffective techniques to remove the stump on your own may end up causing damages. For instance, while attaching chains on the stump and attempting to pull it with a truck or any other heavy machinery may work, this procedure may not remove the entire root system and can even damage the axle of the truck. For this reason, it might be a good idea to hire a professional at this point. Alternatively, try using products that will kill the stump eventually, allowing for easy removal in the future.

If you need help, contact a tree removal company in your area.