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Autumn Is Fast Approaching; It's Time To Get Your Trees Pruned

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Summer is nearly over and autumn is fast beckoning. Soon, trees all over will be shedding their leaves, and in so doing, changing the landscape completely. If you have trees within your compound, then it's that time of the year when you need to get them tended to. More specifically, your trees need a pruning service. Below, find out just why you need to do so at this time.

Reduce leaf-fall

As alluded to above, autumn is synonymous with the falling of tree leaves. As much as this is a natural phenomenon, it also brings with it extended yard work. What with all the leaf raking, blowing, and removal. By getting your trees pruned now, you can have some of the branches (and the dead leaves on them) removed from the tree stems. This will reduce the amount of leaf-fall in the coming months. More importantly, it will ensure that you do not have as much work to do collecting the leaves from the driveway or the swimming pool, and keeping your garden neat and tidy. Less leaves falling on your property also means fewer chances of your gutters and drains getting clogged in future.

Keep your trees looking fresh and green

Thanks to the hot summer months coming to an end, most trees have plenty of dried up branches and leaves. As far as aesthetics go, this has the effect of making your trees look old and unkempt. During the tree pruning process, the arborist in charge will remove these dying branches. Some of them will already be separated from their supporting branches and just waiting to fall off. This process will help reverse some of the damage caused by the hot summer weather and will make your tree look a little healthier and greener. Removing the dead branches will also avert potential injuries and damage that can be caused by such branches falling on people or the property below.

Have the trees shaped

Tree pruning at this time will also provide the chance to shape your trees. This will include the removal of lower branches (to allow vertical growth), as well as trimming the overgrowth on the end branches. The tree shaping procedure will also remove or reshape any branches that pose a threat of interfering with electricity lines running nearby. It will also improve light penetration into your property, while at the same time allowing you to see the horizon beyond without much interference.

For best results, find an arborist from a proper tree management company and have them do the pruning work. If need be, they can also take care of any tree removal service you may need.