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4 Awesome Ideas for Tree Stump Planters

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Have you recently had a tree removed from your garden? Instead of digging the stump up, why not turn it into a unique planter? This is a lovely way to create a talking point around your old tree, and it's a really interesting method of displaying plants and flowers. Keep reading for four ideas on how to use your old tree stump as a planter. You'll soon be wishing you had more trees to chop down!

1. Tall Tree Stump Planter

When you imagine a tree stump planter, you're probably visualizing something low to the ground, similar to a traditional flowerbed. However, if you plan ahead, you can ask your tree removal contractor to leave a taller stump which can then be hollowed out, creating a pretty eye-level planter. This is a great way to display brightly-coloured flowers, and it prevents them from being damaged if you have pets or small children running around. Visit a wholesale nursery to purchase pretty plants for your stump.

2. Multiple Tree Stump Planter

Having a tree with a split-trunk removed? Have it cut down high enough that you're left with several different stumps, then hollow these out individually. You could plant each stump with the same flower in a different colour, or plant one with a climbing plant, another with some interesting succulents, and another with brightly-coloured blossoms. Having multiple tree stump planters to work with allows you to play around and get creative, which is lots of fun.

3. Herb Garden Tree Stump Planter

If you're not keen on growing flowers, you could turn your tree stump into a handy herb garden. Pick a few shallow-root herbs like basil, parsley, coriander, and chives, giving each plant plenty of space. If you've got multiple stumps, you could assign one herb to each stump to avoid getting confused. Before you know it, you'll have a tree stump planter that looks great and gives you all the fresh herbs you need.

4. Fairy House Tree Stump Planter

Want to make your tree stump planter look really magical? Make sure the stump is large enough, then engrave a little door and a tiny window onto the front. This creates a beautiful fairy house effect that looks even cuter once you've planted flowers up above. This is a really sweet touch and a lovely thing to show to visiting children - you could even place a fairy ornament inside the planter.

Planning to remove an unwanted tree stump? Turn it into an awesome, unique planter instead. For more information, contact a local wholesale nursery.