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When a Dangerous Tree Needs to Be Removed in a Hurry

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When a person is unwell, their health can decline slowly. A person could also suffer an accident that places their well being in immediate jeopardy. It's the same with the trees in your backyard. The tree might slowly decline in health until it reaches the point of no return, or it might be affected by an event (such as extreme weather) that rapidly changes its fortunes. Whatever the reason, the well being of the tree is going to be secondary to the damage the tree could inflict upon your property and possessions if it was to fall or shed a significant branch. Sometimes emergency tree felling is the only option.

When a Tree Becomes Unsafe

A tree that has been made unsafe by extreme weather is generally going to be easier to spot, as you might well be inspecting your property for damage anyway. It could be that the angle of the trunk has shifted, making it lean in a manner that is both ominous and seemingly unstable. The threat from a tree that has slowly declined over time might be more difficult to spot. After all, the tree is simply part of the landscape. Look for signs of poor health (such as the yellowing or death of foliage) as well as evidence of decay (cracking and rotting) in the trunk and primary branches. If you believe that the tree is in imminent danger of falling (which could easily be the case if further extreme weather has been forecast), you should contact a tree felling specialist to arrange for the immediate removal of the tree. Some companies even have a 24 hour service, which can of course be of use since the tree won't necessarily wait for business hours before it topples over.

Preparation Work

It can be extremely risky to attempt to fell the tree yourself, so this should not be attempted. A specialist approach will be needed, and large trees might need to be taken apart in sections, with branches removed by chainsaw before the trunk is likewise reduced, piece by piece. Having said that, there are some vital things you need to do while you wait for assistance to arrive.

  • Ensure that everyone in your household knows to keep well away from the tree; keep pets indoors if necessary.

  • If the tree could conceivably topple onto your neighbour's property, you need to inform them of the potential danger.

  • Remove any outdoor items (such as outdoor furniture and leisure items) from the projected path of the falling tree.

  • If you suspect that the tree might fall onto your home, evacuate the rooms that will be under its likely path.

The safety of your family is paramount when a tree poses a risk of toppling over, and speedy action is the best way to keep everyone safe and sound. Contact a local tree felling company for more information.