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Top 3 Signs That Show Your Tree is Dead Or Dying And It's Time For A Tree Removal Service

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Safety is one of the primary reasons why you may have to cut down a tree on your property. Dead and dying trees or tree branches pose a great danger to life and property because they can come falling at any moment.

Attempting a DIY tree removal is ill-advised, and you should always bring in expertly skilled and experienced professionals for the job. While you shouldn't cut down the tree yourself, what you can do is ensure that you call in the tree removalists in time to avoid all the associated risk.

How do you know it's time to get in touch with a tree removal company?

1. A Tree With A Big Lean

Trees can lean naturally, but if you notice a heavy lean that was not there before, it could be a sign that your tree is dying or completely dead. If the tree is leaning in one direction, then you may find that some of its branches are overhanging your property and these can easily break off at any time — not just during a bad storm.

2. Clear Signs Of Disease

If the tree disease cannot be treated, you will have a weak and dying tree on your property, which can come down at any time. If all treatment courses fail, your only other option is to have the tree removed. Signs of the serious disease include rotten roots and trunks, weak branches that easily fall off even when surrounding trees are not shedding as much, discoloured leaves and growth of fungus on the tree, among others.

3. A Tree That Is Not Growing Or Budding

Stagnated growth in trees may be an indicator of poor health. Such a tree will look sickly and weak with a very high chance of the few branches it has falling off. Similarly, if you have a flowering tree and notice that it is dormant and hasn't been budding for consecutive seasons, it may be yet another sign that all is not well with the health of the tree. If this is the case, you may need to have it cut down, depending on the severity of the disease.

Dead or dying trees are a serious hazard and may cause severe injury and costly damage when they do finally fall off. Don't wait around for that. If you notice any worrying signs, call a tree removal company to have the situation assessed, and when needed, have the tree removed as soon as is possible.