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Tree Lopping: Why It's a Tree Maintenance Practice You Shouldn't Ignore

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Tree lopping, also known as "tree topping," is a tree pruning method that involves cutting off the top of a tree or other tree parts for various reasons. Although some people assume that lopping and tree pruning are the same, they have a slight difference in that tree lopping is a more selective and drastic tree trimming method. Tree lopping is only done when certain specific conditions warrant it. It's a practice that only certified tree specialists should carry out since it requires some special tools and skills. Find out why tree lopping is a vital tree maintenance practice:

It Keeps Trees off of Power Lines 

Trees and power lines are a deadly combination you won't want to imagine. You should sense danger if you see the branches of your trees getting in contact with a live power line. Resolving this problem yourself is the worst thing you should never try. Instead, contact a tree service provider with the right credentials and expertise to offer tree lopping services to the affected trees. Competent tree loppers consider the vegetation below the tree, type of poles and powerlines and the species of the tree before they loop the tree.

It Enhances Appearance

Trees that have grown uncontrollably or large trees that have stayed for many years without trimming have an unpleasant and straggly appearance. Although tree lopping is meant to encourage future growth in certain desired direction and amount, it also improves balanced appearance when carried out professionally. Experts in tree lopping know the selective lopping techniques to use to improve the proportions, size and shape of the trees. Professional tree lopping also minimises chances for any traumatic trimming in the future.

It Improves the Overall Health of the Trees

A certified tree specialist improves the health of your mature trees and extends their lifespan through judicious lopping. Professional tree lopping experts first inspect the trees to see if tree lopping is the only option available. They affirm that certain parts of your trees require professional tree lopping services if they are dying off. They also remove tree parts that lack adequate light, those with serious pest infestation and those heavily diseased. Tree service experts use the right tools and skills to cut the affected portions to optimise the future regrowth of the trees. This way, they minimise risks for further diseases and boost the overall health of the trees in a big way.

No matter what makes you think you can lop the trees yourself, always ensure you contact a certified tree specialist to do it. Tree lopping shouldn't just be done in good time, but also in a professional, safe and competent manner. Professional tree service providers offer the level of care your trees need for long life and continued good health.