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See Why Some Trees in Your Garden Fall and How to Stop It

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Trees bring the beauty your eyes want to see on your property. However, this doesn't happen if you don't know how to take care of your trees. Trees cause potential dangers to your property when you neglect professional tree care services that arborists offer. For instance, a tree that is about to fall shouldn't stand on your property if you want to avoid regrettable accidents and damages. Removing a tree which is about to fall starts with knowing when it's about to fall. What do you look at to know the tree is about to fall? 

Mushroom Growth

Most people don't understand how mushroom growth can cause a tree to fall. Although mushrooms don't look dangerous, they harm the trees in a big way, especially those growing under the trees. Mushrooms are fungi that spread fungal filaments in the soil or near the wood. Some mushrooms are pathogenic, and they damage the tree, causing them to fall. Those fungal filaments find their way into the wood, digest it and make the tree weak. Contact an arborist to assess the mushrooms growing near your trees or on the bark and the damage they may have caused so far. The fungi present in the mushrooms attack the tree roots, weaken them and cause them to rot. The tree falls since such roots don't support it any longer.

Multiple or Numerous Trunks

If your tree has several trunks, then they may split at the attachment point and cause accidents. Most of the multiple trunks on a tree are weakly attached. They aren't like the strong branches that securely attach to the tree trunk. Trees with multiple trunks are dangerous due to the weak attachment points that make them fall when least expected. Let an arborist inspect the trees with multiple trunks and see if they need to remove them or if they're stable. Some people use cables and braces to support the trees with numerous trunks, but most arborists don't consider this a profound solution.

Other Trees Near It Fall Often

You should be worried about the standing trees if a tree or two fall each month in your garden. Get a certified arborist to identify why this could be happening and how to stop it. If the pathogens, pests and fungi network is vast in the soil, then your trees fall often. The other nearby standing trees of the same species will also fall soon if you don't act quickly. A certified arborist will tell you what you should do to boost the health of the nearby trees and keep them strong.

Don't wait until a tree falls on your property if you want to avoid property damage and accidents. Look for arborists that offer emergency tree care services if you have a tree that's about to fall. They know how to handle the falling trees and how to prevent others from falling.