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4 Things to Consider When Choosing Trees for Your Landscape

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Trees are a great addition to any landscape. They add greenery, shade and control soil erosion. They also increase privacy in your home when planted strategically. So, how do you settle on a tree to take home? First, you need to ensure you're buying your trees from a reliable source. A wholesale tree supplier will likely have a wide variety of trees to choose from. Find a wholesale tree nursery that's experienced, well-stocked, and with an attendant who's informed about all their stock. Continue reading for four important things to consider when choosing a tree for your landscape. 

Soil characteristics

The soil characteristic will determine how fast your tree will take in its new environment. You need to understand the contents of your soil, whether it's acidic or basic. Your landscaper can have this information ready for you before you visit the tree nursery. You also need to look at properties like drainage. Once you have the information, ensure you buy a tree that will fit in perfectly with your soil properties. This will ensure that your tree survives the new home.  

Purpose of the tree

Why do you want a tree or trees on your property? Trees have a wide variety of benefits. From aesthetics to privacy, you need to choose the most appropriate tree for your purpose. If you need a tree for shade, you should go for a tree that's perennial and one that produces a lot of foliage. If you want to add some colour to your landscape, you can look for a tree that's not necessarily green, unless green is the colour you want to add. 

Maintenance and care

Before you buy a tree, ensure you consult on how much care it needs; for instance, how much water it needs and how often it should be pruned. This will ensure that the tree doesn't come to wither and die in your home. Get a tree that you can easily take care of even with your schedule, and one that doesn't require too much attention. 


This refers to the spot within your garden where you want to plant the tree. Why does this matter? A tree with the potential to grow long fibrous roots may not be best near the house, since the roots may grow and compromise the foundation or structural integrity of your house. Rather than risk the structural collapse of the entire house, ensure you consult on the type of root system to expect from the tree and plant it in a strategic location.

Trees are a great addition to any landscape. Ensure you have all this information ready before you choose a tree or more for your landscape. Talk to local landscape tree suppliers for more information.