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Three Reasons to Contact a Tree Removal Service

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Trees are a vital part of the landscape, and you may not be allowed to remove them from your property without permission. However, there are many situations when it becomes necessary to apply for permission and hire a tree removal service.

Structural issues

Firstly, a tree may become dangerous if it is too close to your property. When saplings are first planted, it is difficult to believe that they will become so big that they can threaten the structure of a house, but branches can jut out towards the walls and roof of a house where they can easily cause damage, and the tree can also shed leaves and other debris that can clog your gutters and drains. It is also worth remembering that the roots of a tree will spread out as it grows, and can reach underneath a building where they can begin to undermine it. In this situation, removal by a qualified professional may be the only option.

Dead and diseased trees

It is usually obvious if a tree is dead. If you are unsure, just scratch beneath the outer layer of bark — if the layer beneath is brown and dry, the tree is dead and may as well be removed. You should also look for decay or dead leaves and branches on a tree, which suggests it is diseased or infested with termites. Diseased trees can infect other nearby plants, while termites can leave the tree in an unsafe condition and can spread to your property. Although there are ways of treating these conditions, it may be necessary to remove the tree altogether.

Storm damage

Even a healthy tree can become damaged in high winds and storms. As well as being unattractive, they can become very unsafe. Branches and even the trunk can become weakened and broken, increasing the likelihood that they will drop large pieces of wood or even collapse altogether. This can seriously damage your property and be a great danger to people or animals. A storm-damaged tree may not survive anyway, and although some of the damage can be trimmed, the only safe course of action may be to remove the tree altogether.

A professional tree service will be able to cast an expert eye on the tree and will advise you on whether it needs removing or whether it can be saved. They will also be able to tell you what permissions you will need.